We have ministries suited for individuals, couples, and family members of all ages.
When you arrive, you can expect a warm church family that will be glad that you are here to visit with us. You will probably be greeted by several people as you get situated in your seat; however, we will not publicly embarrass you.
You can also expect having an opportunity to quietly worship the Lord through the singing of the hymns and hearing a message from God’s Word.
We typically begin with some singing, prayer, special music, an offering, and a sermon preached from the Bible.
We sincerely love having visitors in our services we would enjoy meeting you. We would encourage you to fill out the visitor card or you can join our mailing list below. We send out a weekly email with information about upcoming activities or special announcements.


Ron Whitehead has been the pastor at Bethel since November 6, 1994. He is married to the love of his life, Melissa, and they have four wonderful children.
Joshua, their oldest, is married to the former Taylor Armstrong.
Their daughter, Jennifer, is in her third year of college, Julia is a Junior in High School, and Joanna is a Freshman.
We would love to meet you and have you become part of our extended family here at Bethel. Feel free to contact us at: pastor@bethelbible.net


We have a well-staffed, clean nursery at our church. As an added measure of safety, we do background checks on all of our workers.
During every service we have a nursery provided for infants up to 4 years old.
It is a friendly, fun atmosphere for your child.
We also have a Sunday School lesson geared to our little ones during our Sunday School hour.




Prayer Meeting – 9:00 AM
We begin with some singing, testimonies, prayer requests, and a devotional. We then break into small groups for prayer. You can join in or just listen to others pray.
Sunday School – 10:00 AM
We have Sunday School classes for all ages. We have a nursery, a class for those from age 4 through Kindergarten, 1st – 3rd grades, 4th – 6th grades, 7th – 12 grades, and then the adults all meet together. These Bible Studies are more informal and give opportunties to interact and ask questions.
Worship Service – 11:00 AM
Our worship service includes Scripture reading, singing, special music, announcements, an offering, and a message from God’s Word. Our goal is to worship our Savior, edify the believer, and invite people to come to a saving knowledge of Christ our Savior.


Adult Bible Study
Teen Youth Group
Children’s Bible Club



Jesus Christ our Savior

We believe that Christ is to have the preeminence in everything that we do, both as a corporate body and as individual Christians.

The Sufficiency

of the Scriptures

We believe that the Word of God is sufficient to minister to all of our spiritual needs. We believe that the Bible is inspired, inerrant, and infallible.

Expository Preaching

We believe that the best way to grow in our walk with God is to be under the faithful preaching of God’s Word. Expository preaching means that our pastor gets his sermon directly from the Bible and he does not use the Bible to merely support his own message.

A Loving Church Family

We believe that fellowship with other believers is an essential part of the Christian experience. God told us not to “forsake the assembling of themselves together.”


A Pure Church

We believe that the church must seek to remain unspotted from the world if we are going to have a positive impact upon it and draw unbelievers to Christ. 


We believe that we must serve the Lord faithfully, but our efforts will be in vain if we are not dependent upon our God through prayer.


We believe that God has given us the Great Commission to tell others about Jesus Christ, the only way to salvation
   Devotional Thoughts From The Pastor . . .


This week was the amazing scene of the total eclipse. Sadly, we didn’t experience much of it here, but where there was total darkness, it was an amazing sight. How incredible that a small rock like the moon can block out much of the light of the sun that is massively much bigger. What is even more incredible is how we, as God’s children, can block His light out of our lives when we tolerate sin. In Ephesians 5, Paul spea …



In Ephesians 4, Paul encourages us to live our lives in a way that demonstrates our thankfulness for what God has done in us to save us. There is no way that we could ever repay God for what He has done, nor is that what God wants out of us because salvation was a free gift. However, with a grateful heart we should seek to show Him how much we appreciate this wonderful and eternal gift. Paul tells us that we can start …



It is hard to believe but with all of the technology that has been created in our world to make things better, it has also given us the ability to go through life without having to do much thinking. We have smart phones and smart televisions, and so many other appliances, cars, etc…. are all designed for us to not have to think. While this makes life much more convenient, it has also driven us to laziness when it com …



Imagine that you were arrested and charged with a crime that carried a life sentence, and then you are convicted and sentenced with no hope of parole. What a hopeless feeling. Yet, we don’t have to imagine because that is a picture of what we were before we met Christ. In Colossians 2, Paul reminds us that we were spiritually dead and the charges against us were insurmountable. However, Christ took all of the charges a …



Too often people think that the Christian life should be a little bit easier than the life of the non-Christian. After all, we have a loving heavenly Father working on our behalf. Yet as we study the Scriptures, we see that most of those who were faithfully walking with the Lord had more troubles than most others.
Paul explains in Colossians 1 that as we serve the Lord we participate in the s …



Living a life of contentment has always been difficult. In our modern, materialistic world it seems as if so few of us have learned the art of being content. In Philippians 4, Paul explains that he had learned how to be content in every situation of life. He writes this from a prison cell. How did he learn contentment? He had his spiritual eye focused upon God’s plan for his life and he meticulously followed it. He kne …



In 2 Corinthians 11-12, Paul explains that there was a time in his life when he boasted about a lot of things that he either accomplished, or things that he was by his heritage. When pride comes into your life, it is such a difficult week to remove. Paul had a tendency to default to that boasting. Let’s not be too hard on him because we default there as well.
What Paul came to understand is t …



If you have ever been in pain (physical, emotional, or spiritual) and someone has come alongside you to help, you understand the idea of comfort. It is something that people do for you. It can be through a spoken word or a caring act, but sadly it is becoming a lost art in our world, and even more tragically, in the church.
What a wonderful thing to realize that God is our great Comforter, an …



Clearly the best description of love anywhere in the world is found in 1 Corinthians 13. We are reminded that love is not merely action, but the motivation behind the action. What a difference between a nurse who cares for a difficult case out of duty and one who does it with love. The word that God uses in this passage is the love that comes from Him – agape or self-sacrificing love. It is a fruit of the Spirit of God …



The church is a unique creation of God. He puts groups of people together for the purpose of worshiping Him, encouraging one another, reaching out to the lost, and building up the believer in their knowledge of Him. The interesting thing is that the Spirit of God equips each believer with a spiritual gift to be used in His church. While some believers seem to have more gifts or at least more prominent gifts, it can be …


Podcasts of our Sunday Service


Aug 20, 2017
Confident, But Wrong
"Confident, But Wrong" from Matthew 7:13-29 by Pastor Ron Whitehead. Track 1 of 1. Genre: August 20, 2017.
  • Aug 20, 2017Confident, But Wrong
    Aug 20, 2017
    Confident, But Wrong
    "Confident, But Wrong" from Matthew 7:13-29 by Pastor Ron Whitehead. Track 1 of 1. Genre: August 20, 2017.
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    How Righteous Must We Be?
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    Checking For Heart Disease
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    God Responds
    Series: Job
    "God Responds" from Job 38-42 by Pastor Ron Whitehead. Released: 2005. Track 1 of 1. Genre: June 11, 2017.



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