God loves unity! Just think about the nature of God – three persons, yet one God. The Godhead functions in perfect unity in every way. There has never been an argument or a disagreement between the Father, Son or Holy Spirit. This is certainly not typical of the world in which we live today, nor since the beginning of time. Don’t forget that the sons of Adam and Eve had a disagreement and Cain killed Abel. How tragic. We see on the news each day the chaotic results of disagreements almost everywhere you turn.
In 1 Corinthians 11, Paul is encouraging the believers to be unified with one another and in their relationship with God. When the world sees unity and genuine love, it speaks volumes. The world does not have too many places where they can find these traits, and they should find them in the church. When they look in the church and they don’t find those traits, it can cause eternal damage to that soul.
God is not asking us to like everything that we see done, nor to be best buddies with all in the church, but we must understand that we are all on the same team and we must be willing to link arm, be unified, and serve Christ together. God loves unity, and because of that, we must love it too.

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