In 2 Corinthians 11-12, Paul explains that there was a time in his life when he boasted about a lot of things that he either accomplished, or things that he was by his heritage. When pride comes into your life, it is such a difficult week to remove. Paul had a tendency to default to that boasting. Let’s not be too hard on him because we default there as well.
What Paul came to understand is that boasting is not the problem; as long as the boasting is in the power of Christ, not in our own power. He shows us that we can and should rejoice in the work of God in our lives through His amazing grace. I can brag all over God for the work that He did and continues to do in my life because He works miracles despite my utter failures and weaknesses. It is truly a strong position to be in when we realize how we that we are, and how strong our God is. There is no boasting in self, but there should be a great desire to boast about our marvelous God.

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